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Olive Oil


Dolce di Rossano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality

Obtained directly from olives only by mechanical processes 

Cold extraction

100% Italian product

"A fantastic olive oil, a real delight"
- Federico Giudiceandrea - 

Olive oil is a central ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. Being healthy and delicious, it ranks first amongst the natural fats used in everybody's kitchen. 


An olive oil of such kind you cannot find anywhere else. An object of balance between aesthetics and functionality made by hand, with passion, beauty and harmony.

It's an extra virgin olive oil still containing some pulp particles of the olives, which guarantee a healthy, authentic and sincere product.


The combination of green and yellow tones creates a unique golden shimmer which perfectly frames the complex perfumes of the extra virgin oil. Its unique flavour leaves you with an elegant and harmonic taste, crowned by a bitter and salty touch.

The first records of olive oil cultivation in Italy are from the middle of the VII century. In this age, the Greek settlers from Southern Italy, the Magna Graecia, got their olive oil from trees imported from their homeland. They used the oil for illumination, cosmetic and, of course, for the preparation of meals.

For the Greeks, the olive tree was sacred. The ancient cultivars yielded sufficient fruits for the production of oil only 50 years after planting them. Planting an olive tree was therefore an act of love for its descendants.

The Athenian Constitution of Aristotles of 350 BC decreed:

"Anyone who has uprooted or felled an olive tree, either property of the State or private citizens, will be judged in court and, if found guilty, sentenced to death." 

On the left hand side you can see an old apulian vase which inspired the logo of the olive grove.


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